Viraj Tejavath

7 years old 

Neev Academy

Kanishk Gupta

13 years old


Atharv Shrivastav

8 years old

Oakridge International School

Aarav Gupta

9 years old

Inventure academy 

I have been attending fitness classes from Rohan and Akash for a week and I have liked it a lot. I enjoy it because it is easy to understand and challenging to do. They also help me to improve my form by correcting my postures regularly. It is one class that I always look forward to and need not be reminded for. It is very interesting and the timing is very convenient for me. I love attending the fitness class and hope to improve my strength and stamina through these classes. Thank you Rohan and Akash for introducing me to these sessions .
Thooyan Balasaravanan
11 years
Vibgyor High
Yudur Singh
8 years
HeadStart Academy
The classes are very exciting and fun...sometimes exhausting!  I hope it will stay the same for the next classes...and I am also waiting to see everyone in the next class